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Looking for a Cell phone repair shop? You have landed on the right place. Doesn't matter what type cell phone issue you are facing either screen or battery we can repair it. We have all type of cell phone solutions for you.

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Are you looking for a Trustworthy, Reliable,
and Affordable cell phone repair service?

Phoneji is Mississauga’s and Georgetown’s largest authorized mobile phone repair brand. We specialize in providing high-quality and speedy repairs by factory-trained specialists; this is why so many customers in Mississauga and Georgetown rely on us for quick and foolproof repairs. We are confident as a result of the numerous excellent evaluations and the numerous repeat consumers we serve each day. If your Phone, Tablet, or Laptop needs repair, please don’t hesitate to call or visit us; you’ll be astonished at how quickly we can restore your phone to its original appearance and functionality.

Thomas Chu
Thomas Chu
1. February, 2022.
Amit Prajapati
Amit Prajapati
31. January, 2022.
prakyath martha
prakyath martha
24. January, 2022.
Manny Dhaliwal
Manny Dhaliwal
24. January, 2022.
Its first time, i got my phone repair here on recommendation of my friend. Customer Service was excellent. Affordable price, vast knowledge about phones . Highly recommend to everyone!
Akshat patel
Akshat patel
24. January, 2022.
German Sanchez
German Sanchez
13. January, 2022.
The guy was very good at fixing my phone
Adriana Fierastrau
Adriana Fierastrau
10. November, 2021.
Had a great experience here with repairs and customer service. Unfortunatelly my phone was not cooperating and they were great about getting me a refund and offering different options. Great with cases, pop sockets and screen protector also. Overall great experience!
Smokey gaming
Smokey gaming
9. November, 2021.
mona luhar
mona luhar
27. October, 2021.
maharshi vyas
maharshi vyas
3. October, 2021.

Our iPhone, iPad And Samsung Cell Phone Repair is the Best

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iPhone Repair
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Water Damage

We can usually repair water damage from within the phone, with only a few exceptions.
from $Call for price .

Poor Battery Life

Batteries degrade as devices get older. With a fresh battery, you'll get a lot more charging time.
from $Call for price .

Broken Screens

Our most popular service! To avoid voiding your warranty, we always use original parts.
from $Call for price .

Bent Chassis

Sat on your phone? We can fix or replace your current chassis.
from $Call for price .

Broken Speakers

We can easily replace your faulty speakers so you can hear and use them again.
from $Call for price .
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Why Choose Us?

Phoneji Wireless Solution

Phoneji Wireless Solution has performed hundreds of services. A leading cell phone repair company in Mississauga and Georgetown. In Ontario province, we provide you with the greatest services for Cell Phone Repair, iPhone Repair, and Samsung Repair at the most competitive pricing possible. At our store, we have specialists who are both skilled and professional, and they will simply fix your phone. And customer happiness is our top focus.

Get the Best MacBook Repair Service at PhoneJi

We can repair any Macbook model because our technicians are well-versed in the mechanisms and components of Apple devices of any model and version.

Bet on a technical service for Apple products that comes with a full guarantee and addresses all of your concerns about the device’s status as well as any specific needs that you have to communicate to us.

We will be delighted to welcome you to PhoneJi to repair your Macbook, whatever the problem.

Why trust us?

Trusting PhoneJi means trusting in a professional service that is completely specialized and dedicated to each case that comes to our center in search of the best solutions to return it to its original state.

We respond to all of your requests and answer any questions you may have about the MacBook Pro repair process, striving to meet your needs and, in some cases, exceeding your expectations.

We differ from the competition in that our staff is Apple-certified to ensure the quality of all repairs performed in our centers. Furthermore, we offer a home collection service so that we can repair your terminal without you having to leave your house.

Trust Us, We Can Fix It!

We provide cutting-edge data recovery services in our state-of-the-art clean rooms. Unlike the majority of repair shops, we have the sophisticated expertise necessary to repair your electronic devices at the main board level; we are one of the few repair facilities equipped with micro soldering skills and equipment.

Choose Perfect Mobile Plan For You

Freedom Mobile Plan
Chatr Mobile Plan
Lucky Mobile Plan
Public Mobile Plan

Cell Phone Solutions

Phoneji Provides the best Cell phone solutions

Phoneji Wireless Solution is the ideal spot to go if you’re seeking cell phone solutions. Our specialists are highly trained and dedicated to their work, so your cell phone will be in good hands. Your iPhone, iPad and other cell phones will be fixed with high-quality phone parts. Before undertaking any repairs, our professionals will do a thorough diagnostic of your mobile phone system. Our prices are the best in the Mississauga and George Town areas for cell phone repair if you do your homework. Our prices can be compared to those of any other local business. We are willing to match or beat any offered pricing for a similar repair on a mobile phone. iPhone screen repair, battery replacement, camera, charging port, and water damage repair are just some of the services we offer for iPhone repair. To ensure client happiness, we are continually striving to improve our services. Our professionals are continually on the lookout for ways to improve their offerings in order to better serve you. Phoneji is always worried about the pleasure of their customers because our customers are the most important part of our business.

Other Cell Phone Brands We Repair

Sony Smartphone Repair
OnePlus Repair
LG Smartphone Repair
Huawei Repair
HTC Smartphone Repair
Google Pixel Repair
BlackBerry Smartphone Repair
Motorola Smartphone Repair

Need Computer and Laptop Repair Service? PhoneJi Have it!

Do you have computer issues? Do you lack gaming performance? Is your computer running extremely slowly? The PhoneJi team of experts will assess your computer’s problem and recommend a solution. We can pick up the computer at your house, repair it, and return it to you completely repaired without you having to leave the house.

Our Computer Repair

Do you have computer issues? Do you lack gaming performance? Is your computer running slowly? The PhoneJi experts will assess your computer’s problem and offer you a solution. We are experts in any computer repair, so we can solve problems with laptops and all kinds of computers in Mississauga. We can pick up the computer at your house, repair it, and return it to you completely repaired without you having to leave the house.

All computer repairs performed in our Mississauga store are guaranteed. In addition, when our customers perform other repairs, we provide them with the following free of charge:

  • Ad blockers are installed in our customers’ browsers to protect them from advertising and spam.
  • All computers that pass through our hands are subjected to a security scan and virus removal.
  • With the formatting of any computer, we install essential programs for free, leaving it ready to use.
  • In the reinstallations of laptops, PCs, and Macs that we perform, we include a free and permanent antivirus.
  • On all computers, we include driver, optimization, library, and BIOS updates to the most recent version.
  • We advise the client on proper computer usage, privacy, and personal data security.
  • When we open a computer, we clean the fans to prevent the graphics and CPU from overheating.
  • We deliver the old drive in a USB enclosure for use as external storage by the customer.

Our Laptop Repair

We are dedicated to the repair of all types of laptops in Mississauga. Affordable prices for laptop repair in Mississauga, Ontario is one of the reasons why customers come to us.

We repair equipment breakdowns of any make and model in our Mississauga laptop repair service. We offer screen repair services for all brands of equipment. We are well-versed in all versions of Windows and Mac, and we also perform all types of electronic incidents on desktop and laptop computers.

We have spare parts and experience with the major laptops from Asus, Acer, Lenovo, HP, MSI, Toshiba, and others, as well as high-quality certified replacement screens for all makes and models of laptops. In addition, if your laptop is running slowly, we will diagnose the problem for free and increase its speed by installing solid state drives or increasing RAM memory at a low cost in our technical service.

If you also need Macbook repair, it is best that you leave it in the hands of professionals who are really specialized in the devices of this range.

Finally, if any laptop repair service cannot be completed, no matter how much time and effort we put into it, we will never complain, and the cost to you will always be zero.

We Have Two Types of Cell Phone Repair For you

Repair in Our Shop

Is it time to repair your cell phone? Cell phone repair might save you about 75% on the price of a new phone. Phoneji offers the most comprehensive, cheap, and rapid cell phone repair services in Canada. We are professionals at what we do!

Mail-in Repair

Are you unable to visit one of our locations to repair your phone or tablet? There is no problem. You can arrange for the return of your broken phone by mailing it to us, and we'll ship it back to you after it's repaired.

Repair in Our Shop

Is it time to repair your cell phone? Cell phone repair might save you about 75% on the price of a new phone. Phoneji offers the most comprehensive, cheap, and rapid cell phone repair services in Canada. We are professionals at what we do!

Mail-in Repair

Are you unable to visit one of our locations to repair your phone or tablet? There is no problem. You can arrange for the return of your broken phone by mailing it to us, and we'll ship it back to you after it's repaired.

Our Store Location

We Have Two Cell Phone Repair Store In Ontario

Phoneji Repair Service Missisauga

Store Name: PhoneJi Wireless Solution

Address: 6974 Financial Dr #3DA, Mississauga, ON L5N 8J4, Canada

Phone: 289-997-1699

Open Hours:- Monday to Friday - 10AM to 8PM, Saturday - 10AM to 6PM, Sunday - Closed


Phoneji Repair Service Georgetown

Store Name: Phoneji Wireless Solution

Address: 280 Guelph St Unit 72, Georgetown, ON L7G 4B1, Canada

Phone: 647-632-3999

Open Hours: Open Hours:- Monday to Friday - 10AM - 8PM, Saturday - 10AM to 6PM, Sunday - 12AM to 5PM


Cell Phone Speaker Repair

PhoneJi also offers cell phone speaker repair services. The speaker is one of the most commonly used parts or spare parts in phones because it is where the sound of whatever the phone decides to take out comes out. The speaker on your cell phone needs to be repaired for a variety of reasons, including when you are on a call and cannot hear over the speaker, as well as when the volume is set to a high level and sounds lower than normal. The sound is cut off, that is, all of the sound is cut off, sometimes this is not a signal that you need to repair the cell phone speaker, because this is due to factors mostly unrelated to the speaker, such as connection speed, or defects in the file or application that produces it, you can rule out all of this before visiting one of our stores. Remember that our spare parts are fully guaranteed, and come visit us in our stores for the attention and professionalism that we are known for.

Cell Phone Back Glass Repair

Although the cell phone back glass repair service is true, it is one of the services that can be taken for two reasons. The first is that it be for an aesthetic issue, that is, if you use transparent cases that allow you to see the beautiful color of your cell phone, if it falls in the case that it is made of glass, because if it is to your liking you can request the repair of the cell phone back glass. Another very important function that this part of the phone performs is that it helps to protect the components, to prevent the entry of external agents that would cause the deterioration of the cell phone, such as water, steam, dust, and so on, in the case of being serious and having a hole, if the cell phone back glass repair is very necessary, to avoid future problems. Although it is true that it is a rare service, this is heavily dependent on the time of manufacture. It is very likely that, in some cases, the color of your equipment is no longer in stock; in this case, it is necessary to prioritize the glass repair, leaving aside the aesthetic theme either by color or another aspect. We have models in stock in our stores; you can make an appointment.

Cell Phone Camera Repair

We also provide cell phone camera repair services including the main camera. Which is located on the back of the camera, and the selfie camera, which is located on the part of the screen or, in some models, is retractable. We can also repair the camera's components individually. That is the entire camera, such as the glass that protects the lenses. The most common reason for a cell phone camera repair is a fall or pressure, because the high sensitivity of this component in a fall can cause breakage, such as detachment. Another common issue is humidity; it is important to note that, while the camera has a protective glass, it is susceptible to humidity entering it due to high temperatures outside. This causes steam to form inside and can corrode the camera's connections, resulting in the failure. The cell phone camera repair service can be completed in under an hour. You are welcome to wait while it is being repaired.

Cell Phone Glass Repair

Cell phone glass repair is one of the most common services because the glass or galss can break, but the function of the screens and actions can be maintained because only the glass broke. When you have this problem, you should contact a cell phone glass repair service because the benefits are numerous. One of the best features is that you retain your original screen. Because this service is provided with a product that is not manufactured by any phone manufacturer. The glass is not original, but it is perfectly safe. As a result, the other benefit of cell phone glass repair is that it can get you out of trouble. It has a low budget that is half or less than the cost of the screen. In any case, there is a risk with the service, and it occurs because the cause of the service breaking is a blow, fall, or pressure, and the magnitude of this. Because the screen is already very sensitive, it is possible that it will break during the procedure. As a result, we also recommend considering screen repair in the event that the aforementioned occurs. But don't worry, we have trained technicians and cutting-edge equipment. Within 30 minutes, your phone's glass could be repaired.

Cell Phone Water Damage Repair

Cell phone water damage repair is one of the riskiest services due to the unknown severity of the cell phone. It is critical that they understand that when a cell phone falls into water, the reaction time is critical, as it is dependent on it that other components are not compromised. Water has a general effect on the phone, and when we talk about thicker liquids like sodas or sugary drinks, the damage can escalate. If you want to know what to do if you drop your phone in the water, click here. Remember that you can also request a cell phone water damage repair after the phone has been submerged in water for an extended period of time. However, the chances of this being resolved are extremely slim. So, if we know the circumstances and other characteristics of the accident, we can figure out what happens to the cell phone. Cell phone water damage repair does not have an estimated service time because it is dependent on the faults it has and the tests that are performed after the faults in the phone have been resolved. This service is available in our store. Visit our Mississauga cell phone repair shop.

Cell Phone Turning Off Repair

Cell phones that receive repair service for turned off phones are those that, for unknown reasons, were either paid for all at once or no longer turn on after being turned off. If a cell phone repair service is required, one of the most common reasons is that the phone received an incorrect discharge or charge of energy; these energy shocks are mostly battery failures or phone charging time. When you take your cell phone to an authorized center for the repair service of turned-off cell phones, it is critical that you provide all of the information about what really happened to your phone when the problem occurred. The information that you provide is very important for the technician, because these details will make the service more agile, at the time of the phone inspection. Prices for these costs are not specified because they are determined through a quote if the cell phone is repaired. Only the cost of the cell phone review and diagnosis service will be covered if the phone cannot be repaired. Remember that your involvement in the process is critical.

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Trouble-Free Phone Repair Services

Only certified and original repair components purchased from the leading phone repair providers are used by us. This helps to protect our customers from phone repairs that are not only a waste of money but also a waste of time. Come to Phoneji if you don't want to be concerned about what happens to your phone while it's being repaired.

Transparent Pricing & Free Diagnosis

We understand that no one enjoys squandering their time or, more significantly, their money. As a result, we provide free diagnosis services to inform our customers about what has to be done to save their phones. As a result, they will have a better understanding of the pricing and will be able to determine whether or not to proceed with the repair. What a case of openness!

Experts in the Repair & Replacement of Screens

Without a question, the screen is the most vulnerable component of a cellphone. We know this since we deal with a variety of broken displays on a daily basis. Our experience has taught us how to replace the screens on almost all cellphone models. As a result, we can always replace your screen quickly and without fuss.

Battery Replacement at Low Cost

Many phone batteries are only good for 500-700 full charging cycles at most. After then, they begin to exhibit irregular behavior, such as powering down unexpectedly. Phoneji offers free battery health checks if you feel your battery is malfunctioning. Furthermore, we provide same-day battery replacements at the most competitive prices.

Trusted Cell Phone repair Company

The Best Cell Phone Repair Store Near You!

If your cell phone is acting up and you can’t seem to fix it, don’t panic. A cell phone repair shop near you can help you out. This cell phone repair store is known as “Phoneji Wireless Solution.” Our shops are open 10 hours a day, 7 days a week, so you can always get help if needed. Plus, our shops offer free estimates, so you know exactly what the cost of repairs will be before getting started. So whether your phone is completely dead or needs a quick battery recharge, finding the right cell phone repair shop should be easy. We have two mobile repair shops in Ontario. So, without wasting any time, let’s discuss our cell repair process and phone repair service.

Cell Phone Repair Near Me

Our Store Location in Ontario

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You may get your cell phone fixed at a number of different cell phone repair shops. If the problem is small or if the problem is more serious, you may need to take it to a specialized repair shop. A cell phone repair shop like Phoneji Wireless Solution. If you live in Ontario then please visit us or you can mail-in us your cell phone.
Well, Phoneji Wireless Solution is the best place to get cell phone screen repaired. If you are in Ontario Phoneji is the best option for you to get a cell phone screen replacement.
In a nutshell, the price is reasonable. The cost of fixing an iPhone screen, on the other hand, varies based on the model of the iPhone, the type of repair, and the location of the repair. Screen repairs often cost between $50 and $200. Please come to us if you need an iPhone screen repair or any other type of iPhone repair in Mississauga or Georgetown.
I will be honest with you. We do the best cell phone screen repair. And the best part is that it’s really affordable. Our services come with life time warranty and the best price guarantee.
Yes! We do that every day. On a daily basis, we repair 5 to 10 cell phone that is water damaged. So, dropped your phone into the water? And want to fix it. Bring it to the nearest Phoneji wireless Solution shop. And we will handle the rest.
A lot depends on how bad the damage is! If it is only a cracked screen, it will most likely take approximately an hour to repair it. If the damage is more extensive, it may take longer to fix it.