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Smartphones fail unexpectedly, and unexpected costs often scare users. However, do not assume that you must put up with problems. Many services provide the option to pay in installments, which allows you to reduce your financial burden. Let’s take a closer look at the nuances you should be aware of.

Benefits of paying for services in installments with PhoneJi

Of course, no one wants to be left without a smartphone, and the opportunity to immediately fix it using installments attracts many. The advantages of the solution are obvious:

  • even with the high cost of the upcoming work, they begin without delay;
  • the material burden turns out to be not so significant – it is much easier to pay for services and new spare parts gradually, rather than in one payment;
  • you won’t have to wait long until you manage to set aside the required amount – you can pick up a serviceable device immediately after the repair, and pay later.

Thus, you can carry out any phone repair in service centers in installments. Here you do not need to worry about anything, experts will help with registration and answer all your questions.

What to pay attention to

Before choosing a service center, it is better to thoroughly study several offers. Sometimes companies require you to pay a down payment, which may not always be convenient. It is important to consider the payment schedule and calculate how much you will have to pay in the end, because sometimes this is associated with significant overpayments. The term for which the contract is drawn up may be different, and this point should also be considered in advance.

One of the pitfalls is the need to issue an insurance policy, which will ultimately affect the cost. Check this point before signing the contract. In addition, carefully check that each point made orally is recorded in the document. Agree, it is better to devote a little more time and study all the terms of the contract so that cooperation is mutually beneficial and comfortable!

It is under these conditions that you can arrange an installment plan for repairs in the Pedant service. Call our hotline to find out all the details and calculate the cost of payment.

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