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To sell an iPhone, you must remove all records and applications left by the previous user. This is significant because leaving the account allows third parties access to sensitive information. To avoid this, learn how to thoroughly clean your iPhone before selling it.

Deleting records from an iPhone before selling the device

The iPhone’s pre-sale preparation includes resetting all settings to factory defaults. This is not difficult, and once all of the preceding steps have been completed, the device will be “impersonal” – the new user will be able to enter their credentials to log into the phone system under their ID.
The proven way is to use built-in functions. Removal is carried out through the “Settings” of the gadget. What should be done:

  • go to the section of the same name;
  • select “Basic” phone settings;
  • Click on the line “Data transfer”;
  • activate the “Reset” action;
  • select “Erase content and settings”.

The process of removing all settings takes only a few minutes. After activating the function, the previous owner’s information will be removed from the device account.

Deletion is only possible after the phone’s owner enters a password for confirmation. It is not possible to delete if no password is entered. It is necessary to restore an iPhone password if the user has forgotten it. This is also possible via “Settings.” However, in this case, the phone’s owner should be aware of the password that he uses to enter the ID. It contains an email address as well as the name of the user’s account. The owner of the phone came up with the password on his own when he created the ID in the Apple device system.

Why is the data not deleted?

The method for cleaning the iPhone is applicable to all electronic devices. However, even he cannot guarantee that all actions will be carried out perfectly. The reason for this is that even after following all of the steps, the data from the phone may not be deleted, usually because a number of functions installed on the phone conflict with the request that the phone’s owner sent to clean it before selling it.
One example of a conflict is the active Screen Time function, which in some cases prevents you from deleting data from your smartphone until it is inactive.

To disable the configured “Screen Time” function, go to the phone’s “Settings,” then select the line with the same name. When the menu appears, move the slider opposite the “Screen Time” line to the non-working position.

However, even these actions do not always allow you to ensure that all records on the phone are deleted before selling it. Use the services of our masters if you find yourself in such a situation.

Last but not least. Don’t forget to check if there are any problems with any parts of your iPhone before selling. If it needs a repair, repair that before you sell it to someone. Don’t forget PhoneJi for iPhone repair service.

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