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Do you need a Computer Repair? PhoneJi Wireless Solutions is your best bet. Our engineering team is capable of resolving a wide range of software and hardware issues. We can repair your computer in our shop, at your home or office, or remotely if necessary. Simply drop by, call, or email us with your device, and our team will be happy to assist you.


Our team has extensive experience in resolving all types of computer issues such as liquid damage, power on/off issues, boot-up issues, OS installations, battery replacements, motherboard shorting, micro soldering, power supply, trackpad repairs, keyboard replacements, screen replacements, video or GPU repairs or replacements, memory upgrades, hard drive installations, and upgrades, and any other issues you may be experiencing with your desktop, laptop, tablet, gaming PC, computer all-in-one or other custom computers.

The PC repair requires the attention of specialists on a regular basis in order to function without failures and freezes. You can check the device for viruses on your own or update the operating system. However, if you encounter hardware failures or serious software bugs, it’s best not to take the risk. Ignorance can only aggravate the situation. Contacting a computer repair service is more logical – the PhoneJi works without days off or breaks, and qualified craftsmen will be able to quickly fix any malfunctions.

We repair brands such as:

  • Dell ;
  • ASUS ;
  • HP ;
  • Apple ;
  • Lenovo ;
  • Acer and others.

Prompt repair of computers in Mississauga, Ontario, and all over Ontario

Come at your leisure to order computer maintenance and repair! Before beginning work, our service specialists will use specialized equipment to diagnose problems, identify root causes, and promptly resolve them. You should not attempt to repair your computer on your own if you encounter:

  • moisture on the keyboard or case;
  • mechanical damage;
  • overheating, due to which sudden shutdowns occur;
  • failure of RAM or processor ;
  • failure of the operating system;
  • turning off the hard drive;
  • software bugs;
  • viruses, etc.

Whatever leads to failures, our masters will cope with any task. Numerous positive reviews confirm this.

Affordable prices for PC repair services with a guarantee

There are many repair companies today, but their prices frequently do not reflect the quality or speed of the work. Our service center has the most affordable computer repair prices. We provide spare parts at manufacturer’s prices without delaying electronics restoration because we collaborate directly, without intermediaries. Many operations are performed in the client’s presence.

Need expert help? Call the PhoneJi

Many Ontario cities have computer repair service centers open. To get a detailed consultation, make an appointment, or clarify important information, simply dial the number. Hundreds of users turn to us every day because they know that we always have favorable prices, a responsible approach, and an impressive guarantee.

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