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“Apple” products are well-known throughout the world for their convenience and durability. Many homes still have original models in good condition. If the owner actively uses all of the functions or works through a smartphone, the main components will eventually wear out. Mechanical failures and moisture ingress are not ruled out.

When a user brings an iPhone to a service center, there is a strong temptation to save money on repairs by purchasing cheap parts without consulting with specialists. We’ll explain why this is a bad idea and how much money you could save.

What happens when low-quality parts are put on the iPhone

Because Apple products are considered premium, the iPhone has its own software and accessories. As a result, it is also recommended that original quality spare parts be installed during repairs. They are not cheap, so users are looking for ways to save money by purchasing cheap parts. They will work properly for the first time after the iphone repair, but the user will soon notice that the problem has returned.

Furthermore, after installing new components, flashing is frequently required, which in inexperienced hands will result in software failures and constant “freezes” of the smartphone. For example, replacing the display on the iPhone 7 and later always necessitates flashing. In the event of unskilled repairs:

  • Truetone fails;
  • the maximum brightness of the display is reduced;
  • after the next update, the iPhone stops functioning;
  • the display does not turn off when talking;
  • Multi-Touch works worse;
  • color calibration is not performed correctly;
  • the battery drains faster as the smartphone senses the user’s random movements.

There is only one way to improve the performance of the iPhone: replace spare parts in a reputable service center and select components based on quality rather than price.

How specialists of a reliable service center work

In a conscientious service center that specializes in iPhone hardware and software repair, engineers have a comprehensive approach to the tasks:

  • carry out diagnostics to identify the exact cause of malfunctions;
  • offer the best repair method using high-quality, durable Original class components that are 100% compatible with your device;
  • perform work, re-test the gadget and provide a guarantee.

With this approach, you can be sure that the smartphone will be completely restored and you will not encounter similar problems in the future.

We PhoneJi are specialists in repairing iPhones. Call us for price or visit our store:

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