Water Damage Repair by Phoneji

Mississauga and Goergtown’s greatest option for speedy and low-cost cell phone and tablet repair. If you have a water-damaged phone or tablet, you may now mail it to us for a quick and easy repair, with postage reimbursed. We now offer pick-up and drop-off services for a modest cost.

Water damage in iPhones and iPads can occur when liquid, such as water, enters your device. It can happen if the gadget is dumped into a pool, toilet, or water tank. However, many individuals are unaware that your smartphone might sustain water damage when at the gym, hiking, riding, or playing golf. When dealing with water damage, it is critical to act quickly. You should contact our water damage repair Mississauga and Georgetown team as soon as possible and send your gadget in for emergency repair.

Common Water Damage Issues

  • No backlight or no image solution
  • Little pixels (replace missing components by battery)
  • No touch solution
  • Blue screen of death solution
  • Will not boot

We also repair Tablet

  • Missing battery area components
  • Damaged connector replacement
  • Screen replacement
  • Battery replacement
  • Classic pry damage - no power/ no home button function

Anything can be repaired. What matters is when the cost of the repair exceeds the cost of replacement. This is what you get with water damage - it is pervasive, and usually effects multiple parts.
A water damaged charging port or speaker can be easily repaired. once the logic board is damaged though, that’s when the cost starts to become prohibitive.
Water damage is the most serious type of damage that your phone can sustain. Despite the fact that iPhones are costly and extremely dependable devices, they can sustain water damage. If your iPhone falls into water or liquid, three problems are likely to occur:
  • Other than the motherboard, other of its components may be damaged. These components include a power button, a battery, a screen, and a few others.
  • Water damage can cause components on the iPhone motherboard to short-circuit, rendering your iPhone utterly inoperable.
  • Corrosion on motherboard wire might short out other wirings.
People go for iPhone water damage repair in Mississauga for these reasons.

Water-damaged gadgets are the most difficult to fix, and a water-damaged iPhone is no exception. Many cell phone specialists avoid repairing water-damaged iPhones for the same reason. Water-damaged iPhones, on the other hand, have an 80 percent probability of recovery, according to reputable phone repair firms. As a result, there is no guarantee that your water-damaged iPhone repair will not fail. Nonetheless, if you find a reputable repair business in Vancouver for iPhone water damage repair, you will accomplish it correctly. People come to reputable iPhone repair shops for iPhone repairs on a regular basis because they frequently repair iPhones. As a result, phone repair shops may repair water-damaged iPhones.

Phoneji is a cell phone, tablet, and laptop repair service that serves Burnaby, Mississauga, Georgetown, Guelph , and Toronto.
Phones and other modern electronics are not intended to be repaired. When water gets on an electrical device's circuitry, it short circuits, ruining electronic components. Microscopic components on multi-layer circuit cards are used in today's electrical gadgetry. It is not possible to repair failed components on them.

If you get your device wet and then let it to dry, if it still doesn't work, that's the end of it. It's completed. There is no way to repair it at any cost.

It fascinates me how individuals can spend hundreds of dollars on their electronics and then drop them in the toilet, bath tub, and mud puddles. I've had cell phones for nearly 20 years and have never had one destroyed by my own irresponsibility... not even a shattered screen.

When your kids are old enough to use a phone, you gave them one of your own. If it gets messed up, that's the end of it. They do not receive a replacement. If they want to buy the latest flagship phone, they can acquire a job and earn the money.

Take good care of your garbage! Teach your children to take care of their garbage!
It is Phoneji that you can rely on for your water damaged phone. We're one of the best professionals in the whole Ontario region who provides the best cell phone water damage repair solution in Mississauga. Our cell phone repair service is not that costly. Bring your phone to us and we'll be able to fix it for you wether it's an iPhone or Samsung or any other smartphone.