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Phone Repairs at PhoneJi are performed by our experienced technicians on a daily basis. We pride ourselves on professional, reliable, and prompt service so you can rest easy.

Now, what should you do if your smartphone’s battery runs out quickly, the network goes down unexpectedly, you can’t connect to the Internet, or the screen cracks after a fall? Entrust the resolution of any problems to the PhoneJi company’s specialists. Phones can be repaired in Mississauga, Ontario, and throughout the province. With a warranty, we will quickly repair hardware and software issues. We collaborate with a number of well-known manufacturers, including:

To get advice, you can use the interactive chat that opens on any page of our official website or call us.

Frequent problems with mobile phones

Modern smartphones dazzle with a plethora of features. They are dependable and productive, but minor inaccuracies can render them ineffective. Cell phone repair is frequently required due to component wear, mechanical damage, moisture ingress into the case, or failures during system updates. Trust the experts for confidence in the outcome! In a matter of minutes, our engineers solve problems of any complexity.

Popular phone repair services in our services

When electronic devices refuse to turn on, the screen is broken, or the sensor panel does not cooperate, we are contacted. Please visit to:

  • update the operating system and software, change the firmware;
  • replace worn out or failed components – camera, speakers, microphones, buttons, etc.;
  • install a new battery, protective glass or screen module;
  • restore the functionality of a smartphone that has fallen into the water;
  • calibrate the touch panel;
  • reinstall the motherboard, vibration motor, GPS, and Wi-Fi modules;
  • clean the speakers and microphone grid, etc.

You will enjoy loyal prices for phone repair. You don’t have to overpay for spare parts or worry about cheating. Our rates are minimal, and the quality of services is always on top. In confirmation, you will receive a guarantee of up to three months.

Broken your smartphone? Call the PhoneJi!

If there are issues with the electronic assistant, you don’t have to look for an answer on the Internet or waste time attempting to restart it on your own. PhoneJi phone repair service will come to your aid! Call us if you have a question or would like to schedule an appointment at a convenient time. We will gladly assist you!

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